QLHE: Supporting LGBTQ Community Members

Friends Association for Higher Education’s Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series presented:

Supporting LGBTQ Community Members:
Finding “that of God” within trans and LGBQ students and faculty

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Petra Doan. Ph.D.
Professor & PhD Program Director
Department of Urban & Regional Planning
College of Social Sciences & Public Policy
Florida State University

David R. Ross
Research Professor
Department of Economics
Bryn Mawr College

Petra Doan struggled for many years to come to terms with her transgender identity and learned finally to “sink down to the seed which God sows in the heart” (Isaac Penington, 1661 as quoted in Britain Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice, Chapter 26, 70). In this even, she shares some powerful insights that she received on her journey towards wholeness that enabled her to become a visible presence and respected advocate for LGBTQ students and faculty. Her talk provides suggestions gleaned from more than 20 years of being an “out” faculty member, advisor to the Pride Student Union, and board member for the Safe Zone Program at FSU. Her insights are intended to empower faculty to take steps to make their campuses safer as well as more welcoming places for trans, gender non-conforming, and other queer individuals.


Petra Doan joined the Society of Friends in 1972 while a student at Westtown School. At Haverford College she helped revive the Quaker Activities Committee (QUAC) and majored in philosophy. After serving two years in the US Peace Corps in Togo as a rural development construction volunteer, she began graduate study at Cornell University in International Development Planning. She received an M.R.P. and a Ph.D. in that area. In 1989 she joined the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Florida State University and also moved her membership to Tallahassee Monthly Meeting where she remains a member in good standing. In 1998 she came out to her faculty colleagues as a transgender woman and since that time has also transitioned her research and service commitments. She conducts research on planning issues surrounding the LGBTQ community, especially the consequences of highly gendered urban environments for vulnerable populations, such as trans and gender non-conforming individuals. She has edited two books: Queerying Planning: Challenging Heteronormative Assumptions and Reframing Planning Practice published in 2011 by Ashgate and Planning and LGBTQ Communities: the Need for Inclusive Queer Space published by Routledge in 2015 and contributed numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in a wide variety of volumes. She has had leadership roles in a variety of organizations, including serving as co-clerk of Friends for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Concerns, national board service for the American Friends Service Committee as well as Statewide board of Equality Florida. Within the academic planning community she co-founded Inclusion an interest group of LGBTQ planning faculty and was elected President of the Faculty Women’s Interest Group (FWIG) from 2017-2019

Here is a link to a video of this event and other supporting materials.

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QLHE: Care in Times of Conflict

Friends Association for Higher Education’s Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series presents:

“Care in Times of Conflict:
Cultivating Vulnerability and Resilience”

Tuesday, January 26, 2021
7-8:30pm eastern US and Canada

Working with students, peers, and the self to remain grounded and open in increasingly stratified times.

Your voluntary contribution in support of FAHE and this lecture series is greatly appreciated.

Wess Daniels,
William R Rogers Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies
Guilford College

Carl Magruder, M.Div., BCC
Palliative Care Chaplain and
Director of Spiritual CareResolution Care

Rabbi Nora Woods
Interfaith Chaplain
Bryn Mawr College

Donn Weinholtz,
Professor of Educational Leadership, Retired 
University of Hartford

C. Wess Daniels, Ph.D. is the William R. Rogers Director of Friends Center & Quaker Studies at Guilford College. He lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with his wife, Emily and their three children and their rescue pup, Magnolia. Identifying as a “convergent Friend,” Wess is a bridge-builder and boundary-crosser and is interested in teaching liberating faith and practice and the revitalization of faith traditions that work toward justice. Prior to teaching at Guilford, Wess was a “released Quaker minister” at Camas Friends Church in Washington.

He is the author of, “Resisting Empire: The Book of Revelation” (2019) and “A Convergent Model of Renewal: Remixing The Quaker Tradition in Participatory Culture” (2015). He is active in the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival and has been a co-planner for the weekly Freedom Church of the Poor, an online worship service that lifts up the stories of the poor and dispossessed.

In his off time, he runs a small coffee roasting business called Fireweed Coffee, listens to his record play, and loves riding his motorcycle.

Carl Magruder, M.Div., BCC, is a “cradle Quaker” of the waiting worship tradition. He lives in California, where he works as a palliative care chaplain, accompanying those with life-limiting illness.  An EarthQuaker, Carl finds that of God in the world around him—“the text God wrote Herself.”  Carl is a bicyclist, beekeeper, bibliophile, motorcyclist, tinkerer, and fountain pen restorer.  He has two kids, aged 13 and 17.  In this time of transition, Carl wonders at the Jack Pine, whose cones only open and germinate in fire.  Can Friends be a people of faith on fire, germinating spiritual seeds that bring vitality to the interconnected web of being? 

You can find out more about Carl at Soulways Ministries (https://www.civiclight.org/soulways)  Carl has begun work on his podcast, “How to Beat Cancer Even if It Kills You.”

As the Interfaith Chaplain, Rabbi Nora Woods provides spiritual care for the Bryn Mawr community, supports religious life on campus, and helps to facilitate interfaith community building.

In her role as chaplain, Rabbi Nora strives to create a safe, accepting, warm environment in which students can explore their spiritual identity, place in the community, and moral convictions. She believes that spiritual health is a significant component of wellness and is achieved when one’s beliefs match one’s day to day actions. Rabbi Nora seeks to help students discern their highest ideals and figure out how best to live according to them.

Rabbi Nora was ordained as a Reconstructionist Rabbi at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in June 2020. She graduated with a B.A. in Religion from Earlham College and received a certificate in Leading Spiritual Diversity in Higher Education from New York University’s Of Many Institute. From 2016-2019 she served as the Rabbinic Intern and Jewish Advisor for Bryn Mawr’s Hillel. Prior to coming to Bryn Mawr she served as the rabbinic intern at Georgetown University. She has also been a T’ruah Fellow, working with survivors of human trafficking in New York City, and a chaplain for seniors at Abrahamson Center for Jewish Life in North Wales, Pa., and at Hebrew Senior Life in Boston, Mass. 

Aside from issues of faith and identity, Rabbi Nora loves to talk about farming, musical theatre, and food. When not at work or school, she can often be found supporting the work of community organizers, watching sports, and playing outside. She is a graduate of Earlham College.

Here you can find a link to the video of this event plus other materials.

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Quaker Leadings in Higher Education Upcoming Events

FAHE is proud to kick off our 2021 program year!
Every fourth Tuesday at 7pm.

Upcoming presenters:

Petra Doan
Professor of Urban and Regional Planning
Florida State University

Cherice Bock
Adjunct Professor of Ecotheology 
Portland Seminary

Sa’ed Atshan
Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies 
Swarthmore College

More information upcoming.

But this month:

Friends Association for Higher Education’s Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series presents:

Care in Times of Conflict:
Cultivating Vulnerability and Resilience

Tuesday, January 26, 2021
7-8:30pm eastern US and Canada

Wess Daniels, Ph.D.
William R Rogers Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies
Guilford College

Carl Magruder, M.Div., BCC
Palliative Care Chaplain and
Director of Spiritual CareResolution Care

Rabbi Nora Woods
Interfaith Chaplain
Bryn Mawr College

Donn Weinholtz, Ph.D.
Professor of Educational Leadership, Retired  
University of Hartford

Here is more detailed information and registration information.

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QLHE: Quakers, Social Work, and Justice Concerns

The seventh event in our Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series was held on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 7:00-8:30 pm, EST. The theme was:

“Quakers, Social Work, and Justice Concerns: Relevant Now, More than Ever!”

Conversation between contributing authors to Quakers and the Disciplines Vol 7

Your voluntary contribution in support of FAHE and this lecture series is greatly appreciated.

Paul Anderson,

PhD, Professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies,
George Fox University

Douglas C. Bennett, Ph.D.,
President Emeritus, Earlham College

Nelson E. Bingham, Ph.D.,
Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Earlham College

Mark Bredin, PhD,
Hospital chaplain

Jen Buck, PhD, 
Assistant Professor of Practical TheologyAzusa Pacific University

Max L. Carter, PhD.
Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies, Guilford College (retired)

Wendy Grab MSW/LISW, 
Assistant Professor of Social Work, Wilmington College

Erin Johnson, MSW. 
Director, Bachelor of Social Work Program, George Fox University

Christy Randazzo, PhD, 
Associate Professor of Awesomeness in the Skills of Adjuncting

Daniel Rhodes, PhD, LCSW,  
Director of Undergraduate Studies for Social Work. UNC-Greensboro

Linda B. Selleck, MA, 
Retired Friends Minister & Educator

David R. Ross
Research Professor Department of Economics,
Bryn Mawr College

Here is a link to more information, including a video of the presentation.

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QLHE: Mind, Spirit, and Advocacy

The sixth event in our Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series was held on Tuesday, October 27, 2020. The theme was:

Mind, Spirit and the Pedagogy of Political Advocacy: Thomas Kelly encounters the FCNL

Scholars and grassroots advocates examine faith and prophetic policy change.

This workshop will explore the perspectives of both scholars and grassroots advocates to examine how leading with one’s faith is a powerful approach to advocate for prophetic policy change.

Ron Rembert, retired Professor of Religion and Philosophy from Wilmington College, will speak on his article “Thomas Kelly on “The Eternal Now and Social Concern.”

He will be in dialog with two staff members from the Friends Committee on National Legislation: Larissa Gil-Sanhueza, Young Adult Advocacy Coordinator, and Sarah Freeman-Woolpert, Advocacy Teams Trainer. Larissa oversees the training and organizing of young adults from around the country who are mobilizing their communities to take action. Sarah trains and supports advocates to lobby Congress more effectively through FCNL’s Advocacy Teams program.


Sarah Freeman-Woolpert
Advocacy Teams Trainer
Friends Committee on National Legislation

Ron Rembert
Professor of Religion and Philosophy, retired
Wilmington College

Larissa Gil Sanhueza
Young Adult Advocacy Coordinator
Friends Committee on National Legislation


David R. Ross
Research Professor
Department of Economics, Bryn Mawr College

Here is a link to the video and other materials about this event.

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Call for Proposals: Essays for “Future of Quaker Peacemaking” Book

Friends may be interested to contribute to the next Friends Association for Higher Education​ book, “The Future of Quaker Peacemaking: Quakers and the Disciplines, Volume 8,” editor: Lonnie Valentine (Earlham School of Religion​).

The Friends Association for Higher Education seeks contributions for a volume of essays exploring the future of Quaker peacemaking. Proposals can be from within any academic discipline as well as from the experience of practitioners.

Proposals of 800-1000 words to be submitted by June 15, 2021. Please click here to submit your proposal. Guidelines include:

  1. This volume is intended to consider possibilities for the future of Friends’ work for peace with justice. Though essays will draw upon the past and present, the goal is to consider where we go now, given the current state of our Society, our country, humanity, and the earth. We will be looking for a range of foci in the essays selected seeking to cover a wide sampling of ideas and actions.
  2. Therefore, essays can consider Quaker individuals, movements, and institutions, including our K-12 and college schools, and argue for what we learn from them for the future. Essays are to present the case for what we ought to be doing individually and corporately.
  3. As best as the editors can, essays will have similar simple formats. This includes a clear opening paragraph stating the claim to be supported and the way (discipline, method, etc.) taken to support the claim, a body of clearly developed argument, and a conclusion summarizing the argument.
  4. These essays can be developed from presentations made at the Earlham 2021 conference on the theme of “Peacemaking and the Liberal Arts”. Your essay can also be drawn form other conferences or papers, but are to be distinct from prior publications.
  5. Include proposed questions for discussion.
  6. Essays are to be submitted in Chicago/Turabian style and Word compatible.

The final essay will be between 4,000 and 8,000 words, including footnotes and bibliography. If you have questions, please contact editor Lonnie Valentine.

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QLHE: Freedom from Racism

The fifth event in our Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series was held on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. The theme was:

Freeing Higher Education from Systemic Racism: Cultivating healthy environments to learn and teach 

Which kinds of STEM training programs and mentorship experiences are more likely to result in historically excluded students persisting in academic career pathways? How might retention be helped by certain institutional policies and a climate that provides kindness cues that affirm social inclusion?


  • Mica Estrada, Associate Professor in Social and Behavioral Science and Institutes for Health and Aging, University of California, San Francisco; Director, Civic Light Projects


  • Walter Hjelt Sullivan, Director of Quaker Affairs, Haverford College

Here is a link to the presentation and other related materials.

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QLHE: New Vision for Quaker Higher Education

The fourth event in our Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series was held on Tuesday, August 25, 2020 at 7:00 pm EDT. The theme was:

Reconsidering Quaker Higher Education: A New Vision for a New Time 

Education has two roles that exist in a creative tension with each other: one role is to perpetuate the culture, and the other role is to stand in critical reflection on the culture. Quaker values stand in a similar creative tension in relation to the dominant structures of mainstream higher education. In this session, the presenters will share some thoughts on how Quaker thought and practice might help transform higher education and our wider society so that we, collectively, might better address the issues of social, racial, environmental, and economic justice facing our world today.


  • Gray Cox, Professor in Philosophy, Peace Studies and Language Learning at College of the Atlantic and Clerk of the Quaker Institute for the Future 
  • Stephen Potthoff, Professor of Religion, Philosophy and Peace Studies at Wilmington College of Ohio 
  • Laura Rediehs, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Coordinator of Peace Studies at St. Lawrence University 


  • Donn Weinholtz, Prof. Emeritus Educational Leadership, University of Hartford 

A link to the presentation and further information about this event can be found here.

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Epistle 2020

We had our annual membership meeting on August 1, 2020, and here is our epistle:

Dear Friends,

On this fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Friends Association for Higher Education, we send our greetings, our gratitude and our well-wishes to all of you who have continued to support our organization in the midst of profound upheaval and transition in our global society caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Despite having to postpone this year’s conference at Earlham College to 2021, FAHE remains a strong and vital organization dedicated to serving the needs of our individual members and institutions. FAHE is a precious and unique organization whose participants have experienced the mutually transformative potential of Friends education and seek to find ever-new ways, in the words of FAHE co-founder T. Canby Jones, to speak to and honor the Inward Teacher in every student who comes our way.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to Kimberly Haas, our coordinator in Philadelphia, whose administrative skill, invaluable expertise, creativity and hard work have assured the continued flourishing and growth of FAHE over the past eight years. Sadly, FAHE’s Executive Committee, in their role as financial stewards of the organization, reached the very difficult decision this past spring to eliminate Kimberly’s position, and Kimberly’s last day was June 30 of this year. Though many of us have expressed, in word and gift, our gratitude to Kimberly and our sadness at her parting, we also have realized that one crucial way we can honor her contributions to FAHE is by making sure we continue to support the programs and publications that Kimberly initiated and maintained over the past eight years.

Toward this end, Laura Rediehs has kindly offered to take over the vital work of maintaining and updating FAHE’s website, including publication and dissemination of FAHE’s newsletter. Laura has also invited FAHE Executive Committee members to participate in a visioning process facilitated by Gray Cox, a process that promises to help us all define where we hope to go as an organization in the coming years. David Harvey, in his role as FAHE’s present Treasurer, has taken on greater oversight of FAHE’s finances, including the collection of dues and donations. Paul Anderson continues to serve as general editor of FAHE’s Quakers in the Disciplines series, working together with Lonnie Valentine as editor of the upcoming seventh volume on Quakers and peacemaking. Special thanks go to Donn Weinholtz’s son Phil, whose company publishes the Quakers in the Disciplines volumes free of charge. Paul Moke and Gary Farlow will continue as co-editors of Quaker Higher Education, for which they are always seeking contributions. The prodigious energy and organizational acumen David Ross has offered us as co-clerk of the Membership and Advancement Committee in these last several months of transition have been indispensable. Walter Sullivan, working together as part of a logistics team with David Ross, has not only arranged for archival storage at Haverford College of FAHE’s paper records and documents from Kimberly’s office at Friends Center, but also has created and facilitated, along with David Ross, FAHE’s new Quaker Leadings in Higher Education monthly video series.

Through the dedication and hard work of these individuals and others, FAHE will continue to be able to offer a wonderful variety of fine programming and publications, and we look forward to next summer, when we can once again come together in person at Earlham College for our annual meeting. Though we are grateful to be able to see one another virtually, there is no substitute for meeting face to face. In the absence of our gathering this year, we were not able to collect dues as we normally would, and FAHE would certainly appreciate it if any who are able could renew their memberships for the coming year, and consider an additional donation if so moved. We also, of course, enthusiastically welcome any contribution of time, energy, or creativity folks might have to offer, including especially spreading the word about FAHE and inviting new members into our Friendly fold.

In these times of uncertainty and dynamic change, we hope you all are safe, healthy, and well.

In Peace and Deepest Gratitude,

Stephen Potthoff and Donn Weinholtz
FAHE Co-Clerks

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QLHE: Belonging and Emotional Safety

The third event in our Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series was held on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 7:00 pm EDT. The theme was:

Belonging and Emotional Safety: Affective Learning Strategies for First Generation Success

Creating a learning environment for first generation and sometimes marginalized students can be helped by using affective learning activities. How faculty show up in the classroom and the atmosphere they create for learning will have an impact on these students. Through participatory activities, we will experience the possibilities for transforming our classrooms both face to face and online.

Presenter: Diego Navarro,
     Emeritus Professor, Cabrillo College
     Founder and Principal Investigator, Academy for College Excellence
     Senior Fellow, WGU Labs, affiliated with Western Governors University

Moderator: Traci Hjelt Sullivan,
     Interim Director, Pendle Hill

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