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Call for Proposals: Essays for “Future of Quaker Peacemaking” Book

Friends may be interested to contribute to the next Friends Association for Higher Education​ book, “The Future of Quaker Peacemaking: Quakers and the Disciplines, Volume 8,” editor: Lonnie Valentine (Earlham School of Religion​).

The Friends Association for Higher Education seeks contributions for a volume of essays exploring the future of Quaker peacemaking. Proposals can be from within any academic discipline as well as from the experience of practitioners.

Proposals of 800-1000 words to be submitted by June 15, 2021. Please click here to submit your proposal. Guidelines include:

  1. This volume is intended to consider possibilities for the future of Friends’ work for peace with justice. Though essays will draw upon the past and present, the goal is to consider where we go now, given the current state of our Society, our country, humanity, and the earth. We will be looking for a range of foci in the essays selected seeking to cover a wide sampling of ideas and actions.
  2. Therefore, essays can consider Quaker individuals, movements, and institutions, including our K-12 and college schools, and argue for what we learn from them for the future. Essays are to present the case for what we ought to be doing individually and corporately.
  3. As best as the editors can, essays will have similar simple formats. This includes a clear opening paragraph stating the claim to be supported and the way (discipline, method, etc.) taken to support the claim, a body of clearly developed argument, and a conclusion summarizing the argument.
  4. These essays can be developed from presentations made at the Earlham 2021 conference on the theme of “Peacemaking and the Liberal Arts”. Your essay can also be drawn form other conferences or papers, but are to be distinct from prior publications.
  5. Include proposed questions for discussion.
  6. Essays are to be submitted in Chicago/Turabian style and Word compatible.

The final essay will be between 4,000 and 8,000 words, including footnotes and bibliography. If you have questions, please contact editor Lonnie Valentine.

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New book from FAHE: Quakers, Social Work, and Justice Concerns


FAHE is pleased to announce the publication of the seventh volume in our book series Quakers and the Disciplines.

Quakers, Social Work, and Justice Concerns includes ten chapters that survey the theory and history of Quaker work for social change in offering insight into how Friends have approached social work.

This collection of essays is divided into three sections. The first considers theory of social work and change. Christy Randazzo applies the work of John Paul Lederach to a theological understanding of Quaker testimony and social action. Daniel Rhodes shares about his application of Quaker principles in his educational work with social work students. Douglas Bennett describes the history and development of Quaker organizations in addressing social issues.

A second section looks at individual Quakers’ lives and their work. Paul Anderson examines the life of prison reformer Elizabeth Fry, Mark Bredin discusses progressive reformer Lucretia Mott, and Wendy Grab considers the Quaker influences on social work pioneer Jane Addams.

The third section considers collective work of Friends in addressing social issues. Nelson Bingham explores the creation of the first mental hospital, the York Retreat, begun by Friends in England. Max L. Carter describes the work of Friends among Midwestern Indians in the early 1800s. Linda B. Selleck draws from her book Gentle Invaders to share the history of Quaker women’s educational work among African Americans before and after the Civil War. Jennifer Buck details Quaker involvement in the women’s Suffrage movement.

See the full series here

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Quaker Higher Education: Spring 2014

The Spring 2014 edition of Quaker Higher Educationlooks at Quaker-focused, student leadership initiatives. Matt Hisrich leads off with a description of the Quaker College Leadership Gathering hosted last summer by Earlham School of Religion. Matt’s overview is followed by reflections on the gathering from the following students who attended; Riley Foley (Wilmington College), Grace Sullivan and Kiernan Colby (Guilford College), and David Reid (George Fox University.)

Next, Deborah Shaw (Guilford College), Jamie Johnson (George Fox University), Walter Hjelt Sullivan (Haverford College), Dan Kasztelan (Wilmington College), and Trish Eckert (Earlham College) provide descriptions of the Quaker leadership programs at their particular schools. As you read, you will see some similarities across colleges, but also recognize differences that make each of the school’s initiatives distinctive. You will also likely further appreciate the benefits of convening students and advisors from these programs. Hopefully, our Quaker colleges will continue to offer opportunities for Quaker student leaders to gather and learn from each other.

The final article in the issue, by Rebecca Leuchak, is a companion piece to The Art of Silence which Rebecca published in QHE last spring. Her exploration of silence is deeply insightful.

This issue is framed by memorials for two beloved and important figures in Quaker higher education, who both passed away in February.  It opens with Wilmington College’s memorial minute for T. Canby Jones.  An FAHE founder and beloved faculty member at Wilmington College, Canby inspired generations of students, colleagues and fellow Friends.

We close the issue with a poem from Stanford Searl’s new book, Quaker Poems. Stan dedicated this particular poem to another beloved Friend, brilliant scholar and a force of nature, Newton Garver.

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Quaker Higher Education, Fall 2013

FAHE is pleased to announce the latest edition of Quaker Higher Education. This issue of QHE features articles that attempt to take a step back and think about why we teach, how we teach, and what our teaching is meant to do for our students. All the essays in this issue grew out of presentations at the June 2013 conference of the Friends Association for Higher Education at Malone University.

Jay Case (Malone University) opens this issue, as he did the conference, with an appeal to consider our students as both thinking and desiring beings, with perhaps the thinking part being less important than we would like to think. He charts a way forward through the demands and expectations of our materialistic and utilitarian society by contextualizing our educational work within the Quaker spiritual and intellectual traditions.

Tracey Hucks (Haverford College) challenges us to embrace the challenges of diversity in deed as well as word, and move our education out of the classroom into the whole lives of our students and ourselves. Laura Foote (Malone University) informs us of the challenges facing women who speak out in the public sphere, throughout history down to today, and shows how three Quaker women, in particular, have dealt with those challenges, risen above their detractors, and inspired others to speak up and speak out.

Finally, Steve Chase (Antioch University New England) uses the example of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to inspire us to be creatively maladjusted to the injustices of the world. He shows us through example how education can weave together knowledge, caring, and activism.
All these stories show us ways to break down the artificial barriers that attempt to compartmentalize and (intentionally or not) trivialize what we teach and what we learn. Holistic learning extends through history, through the classroom, out to the community, and into action.

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Quaker Higher Education, Spring 2013

FAHE is pleased to announce the publication of the latest edition of Quaker Higher Education (Volume 7, Number 1).

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Quaker Higher Education: Fall 2012

FAHE is pleased to announce the latest edition of Quaker Higher Education, Fall 2012 is now available.

This issue of QHE gathers uniquely Quaker voices to address some of the greatest challenges facing higher education today. Potentially disruptive innovation and financial crises are forcing most, if not all institutions, to reexamine our missions and the manner in which we carry them out. All the essays in this issue grew out of presentations at the June 2012 conference of the Friends Association for Higher Education. The authors respond to these challenges from a Quaker perspective, exploring what we might have to contribute to the discussion.

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Quaker Higher Education

The latest edition of our publication Quaker Higher Education is now online.

It includes two articles on the Friends Committee on National Legislation’s Internship Program, two articles addressing the value of and challenges posed by study abroad experiences, and a review of David Zarembka’sbook, A Peace of Africa: Reflections on Life in the Great Lakes Region.

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