FAHE Leadership 2022-2023

Clerks:  Donn Weinholtz and Laura Rediehs

Executive Committee: 

  • Paul Anderson
  • Jeff Dudiak
  • Tom Head
  • Jim Hood
  • Cathy Pitzer
  • Stephen Potthoff
  • Laura Rediehs
  • Jacci Stuckey
  • Walter Sullivan
  • Donn Weinholtz
  • Matthew Zisk


  • Donn Weinholtz and Laura Rediehs, Co-Clerks
  • Matthew Zisk, Treasurer
  • Jacci Stuckey, Secretary


FAHE is pleased to be represented by the following delegates at our member institutions.

Barclay College – Kevin Mortimer

Bryn Mawr College – David Ross 

Earlham College – Meg Streepey-Smith 

Earlham School of Religion – Steve Angell

Friends Theological College – Robert Wafula 

Friends University – Ken Stoltzfus

George Fox University – Jay Miller

Guilford College – Don Smith

Haverford College – Walter Sullivan   

Malone University – Jacci Stuckey

Pendle Hill – Francisco Burgos   

Swarthmore College – Jordan Landes

Wilmington College – Stephen Potthoff       

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre – Ben Pink Dandelion

Friends Association for Higher Education