FAHE Leadership 2020-2021

Clerks: Stephen Potthoff and Donn Weinholtz

Executive Committee: 

  • Paul Andersen
  • Jeff Dudiak
  • David Harvey
  • Tom Head
  • Cathy Pitzer
  • Stephen Potthoff
  • Laura Rediehs
  • Meg Streepey-Smith
  • Jacci Stuckey
  • Walter Sullivan
  • Lonnie Valentine
  • Donn Weinholtz

Donn Weinholtz and Stephen Potthoff, Co-Clerks
David Harvey, Treasurer

Quaker Higher Education:

Paul Moke, Gary Farlow, co-editors


FAHE is pleased to be represented by the following delegates at our member institutions.

Barclay College                                        Kevin Mortimer

Bryn Mawr College                                 David Ross 

Earlham College                                     Meg Streepey-Smith 

Earlham School of Religion                 Steve Angell

Friends Theological College                 Robert Wafula 

Friends University                                 Anne Crane

Guilford College                                     Jim Hood

Haverford College                                 Walter Sullivan   

Malone University                                Jacci Stuckey

Pendle Hill                                              Francisco Burgos   

Swarthmore College                              Jordan Landes

Wilmington College                              Stephen Potthoff       

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre   Ben Pink Dandelion

Friends Association for Higher Education