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Please be in contact with the FAHE Office at any time.

Office Information:

Staff: Kimberly Haas

1501 Cherry Street

Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone: 215.241.7116

Fax: 215.241.7078


4 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Marna Herrity

    What was the year that the FAHE conference was held at Haverford in the mid to late 1990s?

  2. Jessica Piekielek

    FAHE held its annual meeting at Haverford in 1995 and the theme was “Education and The Culture of Peace: Insights on Learning and Decision-Making.”

  3. Rubai Mandela

    Greetings. I am a Quaker from one of the Yearly Meetings in Kenya (Africa) and a university Lecturer in the field of Education. I wish to share two papers; one is on technology and the church in Kenya and the other one on the understanding of the Quaker testimony of simplicity in our context and its implications for education. Kindly let me know the costs that are involved in terms of : registration, accommodation, meals and other charges. I also wish to know the available forms of support, if any and the criteria for selecting beneficiaries to help me make informed decisions on this noble course. God bless you.

  4. We would like you to plant seeds in Kenya to enable our young people access liberal education.

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