Black Quaker Lives Matter Film Festival Recordings


Recorded Fora Now Available 

The recorded events from the 2023 Black Quaker Lives Matter Film Festival & Forum are now available. You can now watch all five installments of the 2023 festival-forum on this website. The organizers would also appreciate receiving any thoughts or feelings you might have on your experience attending this year’s program. Please fill out this brief exit survey–available here–if you have not already done so.

This year, the BlackQuaker Project set out to honor African American Quakers who made a difference throughout USA history: Bill Sutherland, Joan Countryman, Sarah Mapps Douglass, Benjamin Banneker, and Paul Robeson, a descendant of some 300 years of Quakers. The recordings include the following content corresponding to each event: 1) an introduction by Dr. Harold D. Weaver, festival-forum curator, director, and host; (2) a post-screening dialogue between guest experts; (3) an audience Q & A session; (4) a closing from Dr. Weaver; and, in limited cases, (5) a short postscript presentation on our ministry’s foci. Please note that for legal reasons, our recordings do not feature any of the films screened this year. The website offers information on where you can access the films, curated by Dr. Weaver for this year’s program.

Please write to with any comments or questions.

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