QLHE: New Vision for Quaker Higher Education

The fourth event in our Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series was held on Tuesday, August 25, 2020 at 7:00 pm EDT. The theme was:

Reconsidering Quaker Higher Education: A New Vision for a New Time 

Education has two roles that exist in a creative tension with each other: one role is to perpetuate the culture, and the other role is to stand in critical reflection on the culture. Quaker values stand in a similar creative tension in relation to the dominant structures of mainstream higher education. In this session, the presenters will share some thoughts on how Quaker thought and practice might help transform higher education and our wider society so that we, collectively, might better address the issues of social, racial, environmental, and economic justice facing our world today.


  • Gray Cox, Professor in Philosophy, Peace Studies and Language Learning at College of the Atlantic and Clerk of the Quaker Institute for the Future 
  • Stephen Potthoff, Professor of Religion, Philosophy and Peace Studies at Wilmington College of Ohio 
  • Laura Rediehs, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Coordinator of Peace Studies at St. Lawrence University 


  • Donn Weinholtz, Prof. Emeritus Educational Leadership, University of Hartford 

A link to the presentation and further information about this event can be found here.

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