QLHE: Belonging and Emotional Safety

The third event in our Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series was held on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 7:00 pm EDT. The theme was:

Belonging and Emotional Safety: Affective Learning Strategies for First Generation Success

Creating a learning environment for first generation and sometimes marginalized students can be helped by using affective learning activities. How faculty show up in the classroom and the atmosphere they create for learning will have an impact on these students. Through participatory activities, we will experience the possibilities for transforming our classrooms both face to face and online.

Presenter: Diego Navarro,
     Emeritus Professor, Cabrillo College
     Founder and Principal Investigator, Academy for College Excellence
     Senior Fellow, WGU Labs, affiliated with Western Governors University

Moderator: Traci Hjelt Sullivan,
     Interim Director, Pendle Hill

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