QLHE: Complicating the Narrative

Friends Association for Higher Education’s Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series presented:

Complicating the Narrative:
Being more neighborly in our pedagogy and our praxis

Tuesday, December 20, 2022
7:30-9 pm, eastern

Grounded in a well-known TEDTalk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and their own experience as rural people, Jennifer and Andy raise up the “dangers of a single story” and some ways to help our students do the same in the stories they tell.

Jennifer Elam
PhD Psychology
University of North Carolina
Retired School Psychologist
Writer and Workshop Leader

Andy Stanton-Henry
Master of Divinity
Associate Director
Quaker Leadership Center
Earlham School of Religion

Trayce N. Peterson
MA student/instructor
Human Rights Practice
University of Arizona

Andy Stanton-Henry
is a writer, Quaker minister, chicken-keeper, and distraught Reds fan. He holds degrees from Barclay College and Earlham School of Religion, and is a doctoral student studying Open and Relational Theology. He carries a special concern for rural leaders, leading to his recently published book Recovering Abundance: Twelve Practices for Small-Town Leaders. Andy has also trained in spiritual direction, labyrinth facilitation, conflict transformation, and entrepreneurial ministry. He currently serves as associate director of the Quaker Leadership Center at Earlham School of Religion. A native Buckeye, Andy now lives in East Tennessee with his spouse, Ashlyn, their blue heeler Cassie, and their laying hens.

Dr. Jennifer Elam
began her study of psychology in 1969 and served in many settings until her retirement in 2014. In 1995, Jennifer was led to go to Pendle Hill for a four-week internship and ended up staying, studying spirituality, and working in Quaker ministry for 25 years. She is presently following leadings to use her life-time of work in psychology, spirituality and social justice to develop classes/workshops, using creative media – writing/poetry, dance and visual art – as led by Spirit for healing. Currently, she offers a workshop called “Mediating Trauma through Creative Expression” with Gloria Stearns-Bruner. In June of 2022, her third PH pamphlet called “Hillbilly Quaker” was published and she is now leading workshops on “Identities.” She is feeling called to interfaith ministry.

Jennifer grew up on farms in Kentucky but her parents could not make a living. At age 11, her family moved to Chicago on what was then called the “hillbilly highway” so that her parents could work in factories for 20 years. When the pandemic hit, Jennifer was in KY working on estates settlements as both her parents had died, six days apart. Figuring she could no longer go back and forth from PA to KY, she moved back. At this time, she is working on what the future holds for herself and the farm that has been in her family since the 1790’s.

Here is more information about this event, including a recording.

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Pendle Hill Hiring for Office and Hands-On Roles

Pendle Hill, a Quaker study, retreat, and conference center that seeks to create peace with justice in the world by transforming lives through learning opportunities, retreat, and community is seeking four roles – two in office-based settings and two hands-on positions:

  • The Receptionist and Conference Sales Associate is the welcoming face and voice of Pendle Hill, specializing in assisting with general inquiries, completing bookings in the hospitality software, and conference leader communications.
  • The Communications and Outreach Coordinator is a strong writer and designer who promotes Pendle Hill’s services with compelling messages and visuals.
  • The Cook will join the collaborative kitchen team to create delicious family-style meals using raw ingredients sourced from the Pendle Hill organic garden and local farms.
  • The Housekeeping Associate provides a welcoming, clean and safe environment for all guests to experience Pendle Hill’s radical hospitality.

Further information about the role, qualifications, compensation/benefits, and application instructions are available in each posting and at https://pendlehill.org/explore/employment/. Please share these opportunities with those you think might be interested!

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QLHE: Understanding Contemplative Pedagogy

Friends Association for Higher Education’s Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series presents:

Understanding Contemplative Pedagogy: Creating Practices that Sustain 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022
7:30-9 pm, eastern

To register: tinyurl.com/FAHE-11-29-22

In this workshop, we will discuss the basics of Contemplative Pedagogy and break down four types of contemplative practices for how it is and can be used in classrooms.

Aleks Babić (they/them)
Assistant Professor
Chair/Coordinator, Department of Public Health
Guilford College

C. Wess Daniels (he/him) 
William R. Rogers Director
Friends Center and Quaker Studies 
Guilford College

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QLHE: Soul of Higher Education

Friends Association for Higher Education’s Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series presented:

The Soul of Higher Education: 
Contemplative Pedagogy, Research, and Institutional Life for the 21st Century

How does the current dominant epistemology in higher education mitigate against contemplative teaching, learning, and research? How can a contemplative culture be nurtured in the classroom?

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Margaret Benefiel, Ph. D. 
Executive Director
Shalem Institute

Bo Karen Lee, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Spiritual Theology and Formation
Princeton Theological Seminary

Here is a link to a video and other materials from this event.

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First Quaker Leadings in Higher Education Event of the New Academic Year: Truth Tellers

Welcome to the first event of the Fall 2022 QLHE series.

Friends Association for Higher Education’s Quaker Leadings in Higher Education series presented, in partnership with Twin Seas Media:

Truth Tellers: Higher Education, the Arts, and Social Justice

The importance of Truth, Creativity, and the Human Story in our classrooms, our institutions, and society.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Robert Shetterly
American Artist

Matt Zisk
Attorney and Retired Professor
Founder and Executive Director
Cherry Brook Arts

Here is the link to the video and other information about this event.

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Pendle Hill Hiring Education Coordinator

Position is Key for Deepening Faith and Justice Work Among Quakers

Pendle Hill, a Quaker study, retreat, and conference center that seeks to create peace with justice in the world by transforming lives through learning opportunities, retreat, and community is seeking its next Education Coordinator. This role is responsible for a range of educational programs that reflect Pendle Hill’s mission and vision, serving the needs of Friends and other constituents.  Pendle Hill’s educational programs include on-campus workshops of varying lengths as well as online learning programs. As the main position tending to educational programs at Pendle Hill, the person in this role has the exciting opportunity to shape programs and their delivery, contributing substantively to the deepening of faith and justice work in the Religious Society of Friends. Highly organized individuals with experience in adult education, appreciation of a wide range of thought and approaches to advance social justice and deepen Quaker faith and practice, and strong alignment with the processes and testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends are encouraged to apply. See the full job posting for more information.

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Call for Book Chapter Proposal

Penn State Press: The New History of Quakerism

Call for chapter proposals for Volume 5: Global Quakerism in a Postcolonial Context: 1938 – 2018

The New History of Quakerism series from Penn State Press is the first historical series in Quaker studies in over a century, these volumes offer a fresh, comprehensive, up-to-date treatment of the history of Quakerism from its seventeenth-century origins to the twenty-first century. Using critical methodologies, this limited series emphasizes key events and movements, examines all branches of Quakerism, and explores its global reach.


Stephen Angell, David Watt and Ben Pink Dandelion are editing volume 5 of the series, covering the years 1938 -2018, and we are looking for chapter proposals. We are not wishing to be encyclopaedic in our approach to the events of this period but wish to use the best scholarship to foreground some of the key issues and tropes. The volume will be about 90,000 words long.

This is period of history in which the threads of imperialist political order began to unravel even whilst economic power remained in the global north.  This pattern is replicated in Quakerism with British and American Quakerism becoming numerically smaller than the number of Friends elsewhere. It is a period characterised by a transition within unprogrammed Quakerism and the growth and diversification of mission work and indigenous forms of the Quaker faith. We want the volume to reflect, as far as scholarship allows, the diversity of types of Quakerism and Quaker experience. We particularly welcome pieces on previously untold stories and under-researched areas of the Quaker world. Proposals that focus on empire, ethnicity, gender, Quakers in Africa, Quakers in Latin America, race, sexuality, or religious practices are especially welcome, as are proposals that make a conscious effort to critique (rather than re-inscribe) colonialist assumptions.

Chapters can be up to 7000 words long including footnotes, but shorter pieces, perhaps detailing generational experiential accounts will also be considered. We wish to be open to a variety of genres and approaches.  If chapters involve specific case studies, we hope the wider implications of the analysis can be highlighted.

If you have an idea for a chapter but would value working alongside someone else, please let us know as we should be able to pair you up with another scholar. Equally, proposals can come from joint authors.

If accepted, first drafts of the chapter would be required by August 30, 2023, with any redrafting completed by December 2023 and January 2024, for publication in 2025.

Please send a 200-word chapter proposal to us with an approximate idea of its length before October 17, 2022. We expect to make a decision on the table of contents of the volume by mid-November and would then submit the book outline to Penn State Press.

Any enquiries and for proposals, please e-mail:  ben.dandelion[at]woodbrooke.org.uk

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ESR Virtual Tour

Interested in potentially attending the Earlham School of Religion (ESR)? Attend this virtual information session on Tuesday, August 30! Here is where to register:


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FAHE 2022 Conference Epistle

June 15, 2022

At the close of our 42nd Annual Conference, held online with the generous support of Earlham College and Earlham School of Religion, Friends Association for Higher Education sends our greetings and warm best wishes to Friends throughout the world.

Focused on our theme, “Quakers and Racial Justice,” we were inspired by our plenary speaker, Dr. Amanda Kemp, as well as  many workshops and presentations.  These ranged from close analysis of “Hamilton the Musical and the 1619 Project,”  to “Reflections on Incorporating Diverse and Anti-Colonial Material in Natural Science Classrooms,” to exploring ways of “Dismantling Raci(al/st) Ideology,” and to promoting “Town and Gown” community conversations about race. Our worship and other opportunities for interaction enhanced our understanding of the Friends Equality Testimony and encouraged us to support our fellow faculty, staff and student activists striving for beloved community.

In her moving, multi-media plenary, Amanda Kemp shared with us the deep personal stresses accompanying her racial justice activism. After police killed Michael Brown in 2014, the cumulative impact of ever-increasing numbers of sacrificed Black lives, along with the wearing responsibilities of participating in visible protests and the daily interpreting of events for Whites often thoughtlessly invading her personal space, opened Amanda to the pressing need for self-compassion.  Since 2020, she has found relief from relentless discourse “where there is no liberation” by accepting the unconditional love around her, in particular through her communion with trees. By listening to the trees, surrounding us everywhere, we can “feed the core” of our being, experience corresponding joy, and nourish the outward expression of our well-being; a practice well-understood and practiced by indigenous peoples throughout the world.

Friends’ paper presentations and workshops provided scholarly explorations and personal reflections on racial issues and dynamics ranging from Quaker slaveholding, to daunting modern urban segregation, to the need to challenge inequalities on our Quaker campuses.  While expanding the awareness and knowledge of the sessions’ participants , the impact on the presenters of their own work was apparent.  It’s clear that our thoughtful scholarship changes our lives, often leading to meaningful activism.

This year’s Presidents’ Panel, hosted by Earlham President Anne Houtman, featured a new twist,  including three Quaker women presidents from non-quaker Colleges, along with Malone University’s incoming president, Greg Miller. They were Sarah Bolton from the College of Wooster (soon moving to Whitman College), Sarah Manglesdorf from the University of Rochester and Marlene Tromp from Boise State University.  The challenges of leadership, guided by Quaker values, during these financially and politically challenging times, were thoughtfully explored.  

Finally, during our annual business meeting we accepted the invitation from Haverford College’s President Wendy Raymond, pandemic allowing, to gather in person in June 2023. Please join us in the continuation of this good work.

As we depart from our gathering, we stand ready to share with Friends and our colleagues in higher education a renewed sense that we must all further commit to seeking racial justice within and outside of our colleges. To this end, the vitality of our Quaker colleges and study centers remains a central concern of FAHE.

With deep appreciation for our FAHE community,

Stephen Potthoff and Donn Weinholtz, Co-Clerks

Friends Association for Higher Education

Epistle – June 15, 2022

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FAHE Conference 2022

43rd Annual Meeting of the Friends Association for Higher Education

On June 14-15, 2022, FAHE held its annual conference virtually via Zoom, hosted remotely by Earlham College and Earlham School of Religion. The conference Epistle can be found at this link.

Meanwhile, here is a recap of the conference events:

The Friends Association for Higher Education was conceived in 1979 by a group of educators seeking to bring together faculty, staff and administrators at historically Quaker colleges and universities, as well as Friends teaching at other institutions. Since its founding, FAHE has met annually at Friends institutions of higher education around the US and beyond, engaging educators and scholars in ongoing dialogue around Quaker concerns in higher education. From the very beginning, Friends have embraced a strong commitment to education, and Friends schools and colleges have attracted and welcomed both Quaker and non-Quaker educators alike who resonate with the historic Friends commitment to educating the whole person, guided by the Quaker testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and (especially in recent decades) sustainability.

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