FAHE fundraiser for scholarships

As we look forward to our annual conference in June at Pendle Hill and Swarthmore College, near Philadelphia, FAHE has launched a fundraising campaign to offer scholarships for students, adjunct faculty and independent scholars to attend.

FAHE is committed to promoting the Quaker ideals of equality, social justice and peace in higher education.  The opportunity to share academic interests in a spiritually nourishing environment is unique and precious; and in an era of tightening budgets, we want to welcome the newest generation of post-secondary teachers and scholars into the profession and our FAHE community. 

Last year, donations to FAHE for scholarships enabled Stanley Chagala Ngesa, a Kenyan Quaker studying at Earlham School of Religion, to attend our conference at Wilmington College in Ohio.  Here’s a video as he reflects on the benefits that he experienced from attending the conference. 

We would appreciate your gift of any amount! To donate, click here.  Thank you!


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