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FAHE is pleased to announce the publication of Quakers, Politics and Economics, the fifth volume in our book series Quakers and the Disciplines, available in both print and Kindle editions.  Editors for this volume are David R. Ross of Bryn Mawr College and Michael T. Snarr of Wilmington College.

For over 350 years, Quakers have offered unapologetic prophetic witness to the formation of public policy and to scholarly discourse in political science and economics. This volume offers 18 new essays on aspects of that engagement, with topics including:

  • Religion as a public witness, not just a private commitment.
  • Explorations of the moral dimensions of economic and political life.
  • Exemplary thought and practice in the lives of individual Quakers.
  • The blend of service, advocacy, and activism experienced by Friends.
  • The role of faith in defining and building a just social order.
  • The efforts of Quaker organizations and movements to bring about political and economic reforms.
  • Visions of constructive and compassionate ways to address global challenges and crises.

The combination of essays and queries is designed to make the book serviceable within classroom and discussion settings and useful to scholars crossing disciplinary boundaries.

         “Most people associate Quakers with peace; fewer know the breadth of how we as Friends have practiced our faith from an               economic perspective. Simplicity and integrity, of course; but this important volume–Quakers, Politics, and Economics–                     offers a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the historical, intellectual, environmental, political and spiritual                           wholeness of economic life. As we confront the cultural and social shifts of our global society that hungers for peace and                       justice, the economic choices we make in public policy will have significant impact on the welfare of the planet and people                   throughout the world. This eclectic collection of essays offers material for both thoughtful discussion and spiritual reflection.”

                                                                                                                                          ~ Diane Randall, Executive Secretary
                                                                                                                                              Friends Committee on National Legislation

Quakers, Politics and Economics is available through Amazon, as is the entire Quakers and the Disciplines series. Special pricing for  book club use is available by contacting FAHE.

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