Membership renewal time

For FAHE members, it’s time to renew!

In addition to our institutional members, FAHE includes individual members — faculty and staff at Quaker institutions, Friends teaching at other schools, and others who support instilling Friends testimonies and values into higher education.

FAHE members are the lifeblood of our organization, lending their talents and experience to our annual conference planning, publications and creating a network of educators advancing Quakerism in higher education worldwide. Member benefits include a discount on conference registration fees; our informative bimonthly newsletter; Quaker Higher Education, our biannual online journal, and publishing and presenting opportunities.

Individual dues are $60 per year ($50 emeritus faculty and $15 students), but only for a few more days!  Our fiscal year begins on October 1, and dues are scheduled to increase to $75 ($60 emeritus faculty and $20 students); however, we’re giving members an extended opportunity to renew at the old rate for one more week.

Dues may be submitted online or by surface mail.

If you attended this year’s conference at Woodbrooke, your dues were included in the conference registration. If you were unable to attend, it’s time to renew.  Thank you!

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