Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the Friends Association of Higher Education is to strengthen the Quaker mission in Higher Education by:

  • Providing a supportive relationship and opportunities for fellowship among all who share Quaker ideals of higher education, whether on Quaker or non-Quaker campuses.
  •  Enhance member’s appreciation of Friends religious heritage and nurturing the individual and corporate search for Truth.
  •  Lending support to the Quaker ideal of integrating spiritual commitment, academic excellence, and social responsibility.
  •  Lending support and encouragement to scholarly research directed toward perceiving and achieving a more perfect human society.
  •  Helping to clarify and articulate the distinctively Quaker vision of higher education, in terms of both curriculum and teaching.
  •  Assisting Friends Colleges in their efforts to affirm their Quaker heritage.
  •  Fostering greater communication and cooperation among Friends educational institutions and the various Friends constituencies to which they may be connected.

One response to “Purpose and Mission

  1. Onwards and upwards. Don’t ever stop, Quaker lightbearers!

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