2019 Conference at Swarthmore College and Pendle Hill

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This year’s program committee has been busy, reviewing proposals for conference presentations.

Here are a few of the offerings that address our theme of “Truth and Inspiration.”  See the conference schedule and descriptions of all the conference sessions.

 Teaching a “Truth in Crisis” course

 Turning Conflicting Truths, Values, and Stories into Sources of Understanding, Empathy and Commitment: The Potential of Pedagogical Partnership

 Beyond Prophecy: Teaching Public Theology in Fractured Times

 Truth in the Face of War: Oregon Yearly Meeting Conscientious Objectors, 1940-1975

 Finding the Truth About Climate Change

 The truth of inspiration and the inspiration of truth

Please join us at Pendle Hill and Swarthmore College, June 13-16 for the FAHE annual conference! Click here for more information and to register.

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