Request for Proposals for the 2013 FAHE Conference

The Friends Association for Higher Education is accepting proposals for sessions and presentations at our 2013 conference.  We will gather at our member Malone University in Canton, Ohio, June 20-23, 2013.

Our theme is “Holistic Education: To What End?”

We offer these queries:

  • As distinctly Quaker institutions and educators, what are we educating our students for?  What does Pendle Hill have to do with Athens?
  • In what ways do Quaker testimonies and practices facilitate a holistic approach to education?  How might our students imagine higher education as something more than the acquistion of a professional skill set?
  • How are Quaker testimonies and practices expressed within the classroom and beyond at our instituions?
  • Whether we teach at institutions that are private or public, or are affiliated with Friends or not, how do we challenge and engage students who represent a broad spectrum of intellectual talents…from the academically-disengaged to the academically-focused and gifted?
  • What is or can be a distinctively Quaker educational experience, no matter what branch of the Religious Society of Friends one’s institution or an individual might represent?  Why might a Quaker education matter to those who are not part of the Friends tradition?
  • How do we live and learn together within our campus communities?

For more information on the submission process, and to offer your proposal, please follow this link.

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