FAHE Publications

FAHE is pleased to offer the latest edition of Quaker Higher Education

This issue offers a diverse array of articles; some developed from presentations at last year’s Friends Association for Higher Education conference at Wilmington College, others submitted by Quaker and non-Quaker professors. We lead off with excerpts from Joni Seager’s forthcoming book, Reader’s Guide to Silent Spring (London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014.) Joni was a plenary speaker at last year’s FHW conference, which focused on environmental sustainability, as well as our ability to maintain our colleges and universities.

Next, Stephen Pothoff reprises his FAHE presentation on the dream collection and interpretation project that he is currently developing into a book. The student dreams shared here were gathered while on a tropical ecology research trip to Costa Rica.

Gary Farlow follows with insights regarding steps that instructors might take to overcome miscommunication and help their students sustain the knowledge and skills taught in college classes. Commentary on Gary’s piece is provided by Ann Dalke and by Jeff Dudiak.

Peter Oliver further explores classroom dynamics, bringing the concept of Mindfulness into play and arguing that discomfort can help us to learn, if we can learn to embrace it. Theodore Sawruk then examines the challenges facing liberal arts colleges, pressured to add professional programs in the face of relentless economic demands.

On matters of war and peace, Matt Southworth and Michael Snarr share insights gleaned from a fact-finding mission to Afghanistan, concluding that Quakers had previously discerned many of the hard lessons that a decade of warfare have taught.

Shifting to the arts, Rebecca Leuchak examines how silence is manifested in visual media, thereby stretching our notions of what constitutes silence. The issue concludes with a poem, exploring silence among Friends, by Stanford J. Searl, Jr. from his new collection, Quaker Poems: The Heart Opened.

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