Annual Conference

2015 Conference Registration is open

We invite you to join with Friends educators from colleges, universities and study centers globally for an invigorating time together in the Pacific Northwest, June 18-21.  Our theme this year is “Truth and Transformation.” The conference aims to deepen our practice and sharpen our skills as we seek to pursue, discern, and honor the truth:

• with our Quaker legacy
• with ourselves and each other
• with our gifts and vocations
• with the latest advances in technology
• with the larger cultures around us
• with the world’s resources
• with that of God in each of us

This year’s Program Committee offers these queries for consideration in the conference sessions and discussions:
As seekers of truth, are we open to the manifold ways it may be expressed, including surprising and unsuspected venues?

  • As discerners of truth, are we able to weigh its manifestations prayerfully and reflectively, willing to celebrate its discovery with joy?
  • As responders to truth, are we receptive to its transforming and convicting power in our lives, embracing its implications?
  • As servants of truth, are we willing to go on its errands, cheerfully obedient to its claims upon our lives?

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One response to “Annual Conference

  1. Paul Anderson

    Come join us in Oregon for the meetings in June! The conference is shaping up nicely, and the gathering promises to be rewarding and memorable. With such plenary luminaries as Haven Kimmel, Bill Jolliff, Jon Kershner, and Margery Post Abbott, our sessions will be significant; and, with professional actress Jane Fellows presenting a one-woman dramatization of First Lady Lou (Hoover), this event will be historic.

    Our theme, “Truth and Transformation,” will be punctuated by the presentation of our second volume in our Quakers and the Disciplines series (Befriending Truth), and we are inviting disciplinary papers on “Quakers and Literature” to be considered for volume 3, edited by Jim Hood. Lots of other good things are in the works, but do propose a workshop or presentation on any theme related to Friends and higher education.

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