FAHE Leadership 2013-2014

Clerk: Jeffrey Dudiak

Executive Committee: 

  • Paul Anderson
  • Kri Burkander
  • Jeffrey Dudiak
  • Maia Hallward
  • David Harvey
  • Shane Kirkpatrick
  • Stephen Pothoff
  • Carole Spencer
  • Ervin Stanley
  • April VanLonden
  • Donn Weinholtz

Jeffrey Dudiak, Clerk
Donn Weinholtz, Assistant Clerk
Shane Kirkpatrick, Treasurer
Kimberly Haas, Recording Clerk
Gary Farlow, Clerk Emeritus

FAHE Newsletter:

  • Editor: Ruth Dobyns
  • Layout/Design: Kimberly Haas

Quaker Higher Education:

Donn Weinholtz and Don Smith, editors



Budget and Stewardship



Membership and Outreach


Constitution and By-Laws

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